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70 Individual Species
Over 400 Animals

Our Animals

Brantford's wildlife adventure.

Dive into our in-depth home for everything and all animals at Twin Valley!

Zoo Map

Navigate across all 25 acres with ALL-NEW map

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Come meet and follow our big happy family!

Animal Care

Not only our prioirty, but at the core of our mission.

At our zoo, we don't merely care for animals, we cherish them! Taking care of our furry, feathery, and scaly friends isn't just a priority, it's the beating heart of everything we do.

  • Our top Priority everyday

Zoo Crew

When you love what you do, they can feel it.

We're not just a team, we're a family. Our Zoo Crew are dedicated individuals who ensure the well-being of our residents. These unsung heroes work tirelessly behind the scenes to create a safe, nurturing environment for our animals.

  • Trained, professional & loving

A Twin Valley Zoo, Zoo Crew member in an animal pen with two alpacas

Happy Life. Happy...

Animals of course! And yup, he's smiling.

Our main mission is ensuring our animals not only survive but thrive in a joyful habitat. It's a labour of love that resonates with every creature under our care, including our surprisingly smiling bear!

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    Top questions asked about animals at the Zoo.

    How are animals cared for?

    Our trained professionals in the Zoo Crew care for our 400 animals all-year round. Keep an eye Zookeeper Journal for special 

    How do I find specific animals?

    Visit our new home to the Twin Valley Zoo animal 

    What do the animals do in the winter?

    Our Zoo Crew works all season to take care of the animals. Some animals, like our Grey Wolves and Bears, love the cooler weather. While our reptiles and birds like a warm home, all-year round.

    Are there ____🐾____ at the Zoo?

    Check out all our animals!

    How many animals are at Twin Valley?

    Our family includes over 400 animals and 70 unique species. Get to know them best through our animal database put together by our Zoo Crew — including nerdy stats, conversation status and more!

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    An aerial photo above the popular Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

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    84 Langford Church Road, Brantford, ON

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