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Grant’s Zebras

Scientific Name

Equus quagga boehmi

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Poppy, Pippin
Fun Fact!
Did you Know?!
Every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes, just like human fingerprints! They also use their stripes to blend in with each other, making it hard for predators to single out one zebra.

Life Span

In the wild

20-30 years

at the zoo

Up to 40 years



approximately 500-700 pounds


up to 5 feet tall at the shoulder 



A lot of insects and occasionally plants.


Originated from Africa.

They live in grassy plains and savannahs with access to water sources.

Conservation Status

Near Threatened (NT)

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The IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Natur maintains the Red List, a global database assessing the conservation status of species. It's a vital tool for tracking endangered species and guiding conservation efforts.

in the twin valleys

Grant’s Zebras
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