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Lion-tailed Macaque

Scientific Name

Macaca silenus

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Fun Fact!
Did you Know?!
The lion-tailed macaque is quite the acrobat, swinging through the rainforest canopy with ease. They're also known for their 'lion's mane,' which, combined with their tail's tuft, gives them a regal look befitting their name.

Life Span

In the wild

15-20 years

at the zoo

Up to 30 years



9-20 pounds


16-24 inches



A lot of insects and occasionally plants.


Originated from Western Ghats of India.

These whiskered wonders are the rockstars, hanging out in the rainforests and showing off their iconic silver-white manes.

Conservation Status

Endangered (EN)

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The IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Natur maintains the Red List, a global database assessing the conservation status of species. It's a vital tool for tracking endangered species and guiding conservation efforts.

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Lion-tailed Macaque
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